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Barcode Tags

Tips for participants on printing tags


Here are some tips to help ensure you print your tags in such a way that the barcode will scan easily.

·        Don't print too dark - it is better to print a little light than too dark. Don't print on the "High Quality" setting, print on the normal setting. This is especially true for inkjet printers. Some cardstock papers can "soak up" the ink when it is sprayed too dark, causing the edges of the barcode to be fuzzy and not scan. The edges of a barcode need to be crisp.

·        Align your print cartridges - printer cartridges in inkjet printers can get out of alignment, especially when you change cartridges. This can cause the edge of the barcode not to be clean and straight. There should be a utility that came with your printer software that allows you to align the print cartridges.

·        Don't use designer cardstock - Designer cardstock that is "fiberous" can soak up ink from an inkjet and cause the edges of a barcode to be fuzzy. Use a standard dense cardstock. Avoid cardstock with a "slick" surface, as it can cause ink to smudge. When printing your tags you must use card stock paper of #60-67 (only white or pastel colors are acceptable for the scanners).


     We are pleased to announce another option for outsourcing your printing needs; The UPS Store located at 650 S Hwy 27 Ste 5 (Between Walgreen's & the Castle) will print AND CUT your cards for only $.25 per page of 10 tags. For more information contact Debra Ruckel at 606-677-1402 or store5397@theupsstore.com